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Capital Advisory

Fundraising can be a challenging process for SMEs. Our value creation department supports portfolio companies in securing the capital they need to fuel growth. From identifying potential investors to crafting compelling pitches, we leverage our strong relationships with investors to help SMEs successfully raise funds.

Business Development & Partnerships

We help SMEs identify and pursue new market opportunities, customer segments, and revenue streams while fostering strategic alliances. By providing guidance in sales strategies and connecting portfolio companies with industry partners, ranging from tech giants to niche players, we help our companies expand their reach, capture new markets, and accelerate their growth trajectory.

Financial Management Advisory

SME often need assistance with strategic financial guidance, helping them secure funding, manage cash flow, and optimize profitability. Leveraging a seasoned finance team, BPS builds robust financial systems to bolster SMEs growth, ensure compliance, and navigate economic uncertainties.

Marketing & Growth

We provide cutting-edge marketing strategies and cost-effective growth-hacking techniques. Drawing on deep industry knowledge, BPS helps SMEs reach target audiences, enhance brand visibility, and drive user acquisition, leading to accelerated market penetration and growth.


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